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About Engineering Centre
The Engineering Centre is located within Main Campus of UniMAP. It was established to manage laboratories and workshops which are vitally needed for various engineering programs offered by UniMAP. The teaching learning approach practiced in UniMAP is essentially based on practicaloriented; hence the use of labs cannot be overemphasized.

Besides managing laboratories and workshop, the Engineering Centre also supports research and development activities in UniMAP. It also aspires to be a centre for designing and creating innovative engineering products. The Engineering Centre offers facilities for courses which require training and technical skills, parallel to industry standard. It also offers ‘teaching factory’ that is based on industries advanced technology, facilities and conducive environment for research and development activities and training for students and members of staff.

Courses Offered by Engineering Centre

There are two core courses offered by Engineering Centre for
undergraduate’s level: 

• Engineering Skills (ECT111)
• Engineering Skills (ECT112)
• Engineering Skills (PCT111)

And also a core course for diploma
• Basic Engineering Skill (DCT100)


Publications of Engineering Center

1. DCT100 Module

2. ECT 111/112 - OrCAD Module

3. ECT 111/112 - Technical Drawing

4. ECT 111/112 - Mechanical Module

5. ECT 111/112 - Electrical Wiring Module

6. ECT 111 - Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Module

7. ECT 111 - Printed Circuit Board Module

8. ECT 112 - MatLAB Module

*All subject module can be access at UniMAP Portal