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About Engineering Centre

 About Engineering Centre

The purpose of the Engineering Centre is to operate the laboratories and workshops, the general (common) required by the various programs offered in Coppermine. Engineering programs carried out essentially focused on the "practical oriented", in which more emphasis is given to the practice of intensive practical. It aims to strengthen the understanding of theoretical concepts that have been studied.
Establishment of objectives and goals of Engineering is to offer convenience to the courses based on training and technical skills and also provide facilities for research activities and development. The concept of 'Teaching Factory' is based on current technology in the industry are also introduced.

The Centre is headed by a Dean and a Deputy Dean. Dean was an academic who has a strong engineering background, experience and extensive knowledge in the field of engineering. He is assisted by the lecturer, and Engineers and Technicians Experienced Instructors in their respective fields. Administrative Division is assisted by Administrative Officer, an Administrative Assistant (Secretary), Assistant (Clerical and Operational) and an Office Assistant.

The Engineering Center offers two core courses for engineering students at the undergraduate level:

Engineering Skills - ECT 111
Engineering Skills ECT 112

Furthermore Engineering Center also offers core courses at diploma level are:

Basic Engineering Skill (DCT 102)
In addition, the Engineering Centre also provides training courses for staff and for those interested.