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Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory

Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory

                In an automated system, the PLC is commonly regarded as the heart of the control system. With a control application program (stored within the PLC Memory) in execution, the PLC constantly monitors the state of the system through the field input devices’ feedback signal. It will then base on the program logic to determine the course of action to be carried out at the field output devices.



                The PLC may be used to control a simple and repetitive task, or a few of them may be interconnected together with other host controllers or host computers through a sort of communication network, in order to integrate the control of complex process.


                PLC Laboratories in Pusat Kejuruteraan & Inovasi UniMAP provided the PLC equipment for students enrolling for the subject course of ECT 111 & PCT 111: Engineering Skills. However any application from research student for the final year project or research project to use this equipment can be done through the administration office of Pusat Kejuruteraan & Inovasi UniMAP. Below is the list of equipment supplied:-

Programmable Logic Controller OMRON SYSMAC CPM1A

Programming Console

RS-232C Communication Adapter Components

Software – CX Programmer installed at the host computer


PLC Laboratories 1 & 2 is situated at Level 1, Bangunan Pusat Latihan Kejuruteraan, Kampus Pauh Putra, UniMAP. Each laboratory can accommodate up to 45 students.